Benefits reel splitter

Our reel splitters are characterized by their:

  • Simple construction
  • Proven results
  • Easy operation and control

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BOA Reel Splitters

Reel splitters are designed to cut defective or surplus paper reels to separate the residual paper from the cores. The cut paper will be further processed in e.g. a pulper or baler. BOA's reel splitters are also applied to cut other than just paper reels, such as aluminium reels or wrapped bales.

hydraulic cutting machine (reel splitter)

A few characteristics of our reel splitters:

  • No special foundation arrangements needed.
  • Smart and efficient design, resulting in reduced cutting time.
  • Uncomplicated operation and control.

Secure control and safe cutting

BOA's reel splitters are safe and secure to operate that have, among other things, a safe two-hand push button control, forcing the operator to use both hands. Our reel splitters also have an emergency stop that will quickly move the knife upwards.

Depending on the application and where the machine will be placed, various options are available, such as an additional safety fence with a "light curtain". When crossing the light curtain, the machine automatically shuts down.

Functionality and details

BOA has two reel splitter models availabl

  • hydraulic cutting machine (type HRSM)
  • mechanical cutting machine (type RSM)

Compared to the hydraulic cutting machine, the mechanical reel splitter is a more compact machine. The HRSM has a hydraulic drive and the RSM a spindle drive. 

We have various types of HRSM reel splitters with different maximum cutting heights and widths. Our largest machine is able to cut reels with a maximum diameter of 2100 mm and a width of 3600 mm.

Our hydraulic cutting machine can be supplied with a conveyor system, if desired or necessary depending on the application. The conveyor belt is able to run in both directions. While running the belt forwards and backwards, the material can be easily cut in smaller pieces.