Why choose BOA?

BOA's bag openers bring many advantages, such as:

  • Increase of capacity
  • Easier separating
  • A more valuable output
  • Continuous operation

Bag opener leaflet
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BOA Bag Opener

BOA's bag opener is a machine that opens plastic (waste) bags efficiently (approximately 98%), keeping the material inside the bags intact.

Multipurpose and efficient

The BOA bag opener and pre-crusher are two machines with similar characteristics and features:

  • Constant material flow after opening or breaking to increase the capacity of a waste sorting line.
  • Can process high capacities and are multi purpose machines.
  • Large force per hammer, wear-resistant hammers.
  • Directly driven by a planetary transmission.

The material falls on a drum, which is equipped with hammers that are arranged in a helical manner. The slow rotating drum takes the material along to an adjustable cam on which robust wear-resistant hammers are mounted, where the bags will be torn apart or bales will be broken.

BOA Bag Opener

Because of its unique design, the BOA bag opener is a very reliable machine. It has the following benefits:

  • The material in the bags will remain intact.
  • Extremely low operational cost, only the occasional welding of the teeth.
  • High opening percentage of the bags (approx. 98%, depending on settings and material), opens even bag-in-bag.