Waste markets

We supply to companies active in different waste markets:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste

We also provide waste processing (and handling) solutions for companies in various industries:

  • Paper industry
  • Cardboard industry
  • Plastic industry

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BOA Recycling Solutions

BOA Recycling Solutions is a global supplier of machines for transporting, shredding, sorting and baling of waste. Since its establishment in 1956 BOA has become a household name in the recycling industry.

What does BOA do?

Baling waste paper at Next in the UK.

With over 50 years of experience we are able to build powerful products and to design effective systems for recycling and processing waste. We are familiar with all aspects of the recycling industry and provide innovative, efficient solutions to different waste markets, such as waste paper and cardboard. We provide several solutions to companies active in the paper, cardboard and plastic industry as well.

BOA optimizes your waste streams and logistics effectively with proven technologies, such as baling, transporting, shredding or breaking.

Sales and service network

BOA has a large sales and service network, with a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. We select our agents and service locations with care, in order to provide our customers the best service they need. Criteria, such as reliability, quick service and knowledge are leading. 

Our after sales & service helps to keep your BOA installation in good condition, by providing many service activities, such as quick delivery of spare parts and preventive maintenance.

BOA part of PM Group

In 2016 BOA Recycling Solutions became part of PM Group.

The PM-GROUP is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of high-precision bearings, positioning systems, mechatronical systems, aerospace & military components and modules for both for civil and governmental usages. We work through the whole lifecycle of our products – from design through to maintenance, repair and on site operations services. PM is headquartered in the Netherlands, and we operate across all major continents over the world.

PM was founded in 1966 and has played a crucial role in tackling the technological and business challenges of our time. Through continuous investment in R&D, and thanks to its relationships with the top Dutch and international universities and research centres, PM has developed leadership in technology and manufacturing. This is why the most respected companies in the semicon, medical, analytical, military and aeronautical and space sectors choose PM as a trusted partner. Feel free to contact us for more information.