Longterm continuity

BOA's professional and profitable recycling concepts (to handle and process waste) ensure our customers long-term:

  • Maximum continuity
  • Maximum productivity

Recycling concepts
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BOA Recycling Concepts

BOA Recycling Solutions's recycling concepts are applied to process (and handle) various waste qualities. We design and construct high quality solutions ranging from individual machines to turnkey waste separation installations. Below a few examples of waste markets we serve.

Household waste (municipal solid waste)

MSW treatment components and solutions by BOA that result in reduction of landfill, an increase of the carloric value, etc.

More about our household waste solutions

Commercial & industrial waste recycling

Commercial & industrial waste processing components and solutions by BOA to increase the value of the output waste streams.

More about our C&I waste solutions

Dry recyclables / single stream recycling

Single stream recycling solutions by BOA are tailor-made and flexible, achieving a pure end product.

More about our solutions for dry recyclables

Waste paper & cardboard recycling

BOA has a lengthy experience in waste paper recycling, resulting in the development of efficient and reliable solutions (varying from one product to complete sorting lines).

More about our solutions for waste paper

Production waste processing

Waste management products and solutions by BOA, to effectively handle (e.g. to reduce and convey) remnant streams and waste in a production process.

More about our production waste solutions